Technical papers are invited addressing the following themes:

  • Ship dynamic stability in rough seas
  • Damage stability of passenger and cargo ships
  • Probabilistic and risk-based assessment of stability
  • Non-linear dynamics of extreme ship behaviour
  • Modes of ship capsize and design to improve stability
  • Second generation intact stability criteria
  • The implication of stability regulations for design
  • Ship stability accident investigation
  • Stability of high-speed craft
  • Fishing vessel safety
  • Naval ship stability
  • Stability of floating platforms
  • Stability of offshore supply vessels
  • Unconventional problems of stability
  • Dynamic instability other than in roll motion
  • Modelling of environmental excitations
  • Risk-based intact-damage stability integration
  • Decision support and operational guidance in normal operation and in emergencies
  • Operation in polar waters and ice

Topics of special local interest:

  • Capsize due to cargo liquefaction
  • Stability of tankers and FPSOs
  • Stability of old ships (passenger and cargo)